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Modern & Elegant

Make your loved one feel special by putting a sparkling princess cut diamond ring on their finger. This square cut diamond resembles a pyramid when turned upside down and its sharp edges offer a smart, bold aura to the delicate femininity of its sparkle. Bend the knee in style with this modern and elegant cut!

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Princess cut diamonds offer a square shape option that sets them apart from the more traditional round solitaire. Its symmetrical shape with 90 degree pointed corners gives this style a modern, elegant, and simple look. It is one of the most popular diamond shapes because of its unique appearance.

A princess cut’s facets are arranged in a brilliant style, which accounts for its excellent light performance. Depending on the cut quality, a princess cut can outshine any average cut rounds. Choose the best cut quality to ensure maximum sparkle.

A princess-cut diamond utilizes approximately 70% of the rough diamond, compared to a round-cut, which can only utilize around 50% of the rough crystal. Because of its higher carat weight yield, the princess cut is significantly more affordable. You can buy a 1.00 carat princess diamond ring for around the same price as a 0.75 carat round diamond ring. So you get more bang for your buck.

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Don’t wait any longer. Make all their princess dreams come true. Grab a beautiful princess diamond ring now!