White Gold Engagement Rings

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

Selecting a precious metal for you or your partner's wedding ring is mostly a matter of personal preference — but long gone are the days of simply choosing between silver or gold. As the metal and color options continue to evolve, it helps to know what’s trending in the jewelry industry.

You can’t go wrong with a classic. Diamonds paired with a white gold setting are a popular choice for wedding rings. This style is timeless and is a favorite for good reason. The clean look perfectly highlights the brilliant sparkle and shine of natural or lab-created diamonds.

White gold wedding bands for her and him are a great choice for staying within your budget. The aesthetic of white gold has a similar look and feel to platinum but at a lower price point. This allows a little wiggle room for adding more diamonds to your band or opting for a fancier design. Shopping for a wedding ring is a very personal journey. If budget is an important determining factor, white gold may be an excellent avenue to explore. 

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