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A Stunning Alternative to Diamonds

First discovered in the late 19th century, moissanite has been prized in the century since for its rarity, beauty, and strength. Qualities like these – particularly when combined with expert craftsmanship – make moissanite engagement rings an ideal choice for the expression of a lifetime of love and devotion. At Pompeii3, we’re delighted to have sourced moissanite of exceptionally high quality and to have created an array of unique settings, cuts, and ring designs to help you find the perfect piece. 

Benefits of Moissanite Jewelry

At a glance, moissanite engagement rings are exquisitely beautiful, with a high level of brilliance and shine. They’re also incredibly durable, which makes them ideal for heirloom-quality engagement rings and wedding rings. Because contemporary moissanite is lab-created, our moissanite rings have the added benefits of being eco-conscious, as they don’t involve mining, as well as being 100% ethically sourced and conflict-free.

Discover the Perfect Ring at Pompeii3

We look forward to helping you discover the ideal engagement ring and provide a number of custom ring design options backed by over a hundred years of experience in craftsmanship and gemology. In addition to our selection of one-of-a-kind moissanite engagement rings, we’re also pleased to offer an array of earrings, pendant necklaces, and more jewelry styles featuring this beloved stone. Be sure to follow our blog for the latest inspiration and insights, or get in touch with our team for assistance in finding the perfect piece for you.